What Are the Main Causes of Obesity in Adult Women?

Have you ever wondered what are the main causes of obesity in women? Well, there are several factors that contribute to the likelihood of obesity in adult women. The main causes of obesity in women include:

Hormonal effects: There is a rich mixture of hormones in the body, many of which are interrelated. Hormonal imbalances contribute significantly to fluid retention rates. The hormone estrogen helps to determine body fat distribution. Scientific studies indicate that younger women who have higher estrogen levels tend to carry excess weight around the bottom, hips and thighs. Unfortunately, abdominal fat is a higher risk factor for certain serious health issues including, heart disease, stroke, diabetes 2 (onset), even some forms of arthritis. Insulin, the hormone closely related to blood glucose, directly impacts fat retention, since it encourages fat storage and inhibits the hormones that are used for fat metabolism. Human growth hormone (HGH) levels are lower in obese individuals.

Increased Metabolic efficiency after childbirth: Women who have never had children are more likely to have an inefficient metabolism, with a lot of the calories ingested passing unused from the body. When a women becomes pregnant, she is literally eating for two. The body then has to become more efficient in extracting nutrients from the food we consume. After the birth, the body rarely goes back to pre-pregnancy levels.

Change in eating habits: Women have eating habits that can change by the day. Although most women have monthly variation, there are times in a woman’s life that have vastly different nutritional requirements. Childbirth is one of those times. Other times include nursing, menopause and the elusive time when metabolism slows down. Most women know when they have passed this point, they have a large weight gain without changing their eating patterns.

Reducing activity levels: Women tend to be less active as they age. Motherhood affects the ability of women to have an active social life like they did when they were younger. In addition, mothers are usually too tired to exercise for health after running after the kids all day. Once the children are able to take care of themselves, the habit of not exercising is deeply ingrained and hard to break. Many women are understanding that the small amount of time they take for themselves, such as exercising, has the paradoxical benefit of helping them spend more quality time with their children.

Stop smoking: Quitting smoking can cause a significant gain in weight. The reason for this is quite complex. Smoking is a habit and to break one habit, another needs to made in its place. Many people turn to eating or drinking to simulate the oral fixation the smoking habit created. Unfortunately, people usually choose unhealthy foods like cakes, candy, and sweets. Although chewing gum is associated with cavities and gum disease, in the short term, it is a good substitute for smoking. Even though there is weight gain when most women stop smoking, this habit is far worse on the body than being morbidly obese. It is far easier to lose the weight gained by quitting smoking than to be cured of the diseases caused by smoking.

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